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Gene Editing and Regulation

Gene Editing

Gene editing is a technique that allows scientists to alter the DNA of living organisms. The most common tool to introduce these alterations is the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR). CRISPR was originally extracted from bacteria, where it helps protect from foreign invaders, such as viruses. This tool was later used to alter genes in mammalian cells with significant promise.

Gene Regulation

Another way to regulate genes is using RNA interference. This technique uses small RNA segments to interfere with the expression of specific genes. This can be used to turn off genes or reduce the amount of proteins expressed by them. RNA interference has been used to study the function of different genes, and to treat diseases like cancer and hepatitis C.

We will help you with
1. Exploring

We offer a range of services for the identification of target genes and the development of specialised approaches to edit and regulate them. Whether you are looking for new targets to edit or need help developing an approach to achieve specific results, we are here to help achieve your desired outcome.

2. Designing

The second step in the process development is selecting and designing the right tools and components of your therapeutics. We will determine the right CRISPR variants from our extensive toolbox, select the most efficient gRNA sequences, design novel siRNA constructs using cutting-edge technologies, or map the right pDNA for cell line development.

3. Developing & Testing

Testing is an essential part of the development journey. We work with you to either develop a new cell line or test the designed platform on specific cell lines, depending on your needs. We will then select the top candidate components for the final validation.

4. Validating

We use several approaches for validating the success of the designed platform. Depending on the design, we will validate the outcomes with sequencing, profiling mRNA expression, or testing for protein expression. This will help us to confirm that the platform is working as intended and producing the desired results.

5. Delivering

Prorenata Biotech is specialised in drug delivery for genetic medicine. We design and develop scalable Lipid Nanoparticle (LNPs) solutions that are tailored to specifically meet your requirements. Our LNPs are designed from the early preclinical stages, all the way to GMP-grade LNPs for clinical applications.

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